Dr. Albert Schweitzer was right 

Men simply don’t think. 

To hell with your selfish insensitive ass! You never think about your actions or other people. I thought we had a connection, too many similarities, this had to be something more. What an idiot. I cared and you cared nothing in return.  Never once asked me how I was when I reached out to you at a time I needed someone the most…I hoped you would be there for me like I would always be there for you. Fuck hope.

Fuck you and you leading me on. Then don’t contact me, don’t be in my bed, don’t hold my hand, don’t send me pictures, don’t tell me you miss me! I said I was fine if this was nothing and you convinced me otherwise. Just to reject me. Fuck hope.

Fuck your journey. Cry to someone else when you’re angry, lonely, depressed. I’m sure I wasn’t the only “friend” around, guess I just hoped I was. Fuck hope. The most evil mistress there is in this two-bit town. 


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