It is happening again

I miss conversation. I’m tend to get excited and passionate then instantly wish to share and discuss with someone to see if they experience the same or have a different perspective. 

I can’t seem to find people who want to talk. Social media is only shouting where all we become are receptacles of information. No one converses. We just say/shout facts or opinions.  No real, honest debate or discussion because people don’t actually interact with one another. Plus it’s easy to be a jerk when you have the safety of a screen and animinity rather than putting yourself out there in an honest way. 

Was life easier and honest before the internet? Probably. But then again it seems to be the only way to meet people and the only outlet I have to discuss anything with anyone. Even if it’s just sitting here having a discussion with no one behind a screen. 


7 thoughts on “It is happening again

  1. You’re completely right! So much can be done from behind a screen while you’re sitting around your house doing nothing. You can talk to all your friends (none if you’re me haha), order food or buy clothes, see everything that’s happening around the world and so much more. I do like social media because I’m such an introvert it’s hard for me to make conversation face to face. I don’t like it because people think that it’s alright to bully others and say things that wouldn’t be said to another’s face

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      1. I’m pretty scared to see the generations younger than us with phones. I see 6 years olds walking around with smartphones, tablets and laptops acting like they’re 15. Kinda scares me


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