Quickly opinions change

Last week someone complained to me how Britain was becoming “so American” in its reaction to terrorism by letting its emotions come to the forefront, by over reacting, by making a big spectacle of it all. 

Today that same person preached about sending specific ethnic groups “back where they came from”, advocating violence, and that I am lucky to be a citizen now (anti-immigration rant). 

Didn’t bother to point out the multiple examples of irony in all of this…it’s just not worth the energy. You can’t reason with anger when combined with ignorance.  

What a fun way to start the work week…


Surreal Saturday – League of Nations

Yesterday I met up with a Lithuanian friend I met on the internet.  That alone is an odd statement I did not expect to ever write, but that has pretty much been routine since living abroad – unexpected randomness.  Anyways, she was dog sitting and invited me to come see the creatures as everyone who interacts with me is aware of my fondness for fluffy animals of all shapes and sizes.

A short while later I found myself at a home of some lovely Turkish Cypriots.  I spent the afternoon with the forementioned people of those respected nationalities along with a Czech and 1 English person.  It felt incredibly surreal to spend my Saturday afternoon around all these interesting and different people.  Never when I was back in the country of my birth would I have guess I would spend an afternoon like that.  Immigration is so important (ok I might be biased being an immigrant and all).  For us all to talk, share our perspectives, to break bread (literally) with people from other lands brings me so much joy and makes everyone’s lives so much richer for the experience. I could go on an anti-anti-immigration rant but I’m still in a good mood from yesterday, the sun is setting behind my back and is reflecting through my kitchen, so I’m content.

Also I saw a group of about 10 rabbits hoping around when I was on the train journey home. Adorable.








Don’t know what I’m really doing here…that’s actually simple and straight forward, not meant to be read into. But of course can obviously contain hidden meaning and can apply to pretty much every situation of my life. I’m completely happy if no one reads these things. I just merely need somewhere to jot down my thoughts as I rarely have a writing implementat about and hell, everyone loves the internet right?